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Welcome to Freddie.
We provide Love, not just Likes.

Freddie is a creative agency based in Frankfurt/Main. We form creative forces of experienced creatives and an agile network.

Our mission: to find the true core of a brand or product together with our clients, transform it into an emotional story and tell it where it not only reaches people, but touches them.

We believe in the power of emotions.

Freddie’s Mission

We are creatives with a lot of experience on big brands.
Together we developed ideas, designed campaigns and strategies, leaded teams, won awards and travelled the world.

We have laughed, celebrated and cried with our clients (for joy, of course). And then the counters reset to zero.

With Freddie we start our dream of a creative agency that focuses on co-working, co-creating, agility and courage.

We believe that the best ideas always trigger real emotions. And that’s exactly what makes the difference between sprinkling and enthusiasm. That’s why we always first look for the true core of a brand or product and put it into an emotional, authentic story. It doesn’t matter whether the result is a campaign, a film, a PR stunt or a social media strategy.

Only when an idea really touches people is it a real Freddie for us.

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Freddies Fun Facts


Hours of Le Mans

This has been our annual highlight as advertiser for a long time. For us, this meant being close to the racing teams for over 24 hours, developing ideas on the race track at the same time, implementing them on site and then celebrating the victories.

Years of Teamwork

That’s longer than most relationships last. Nevertheless, we had our ups and downs. Our fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds 🙂


…did we need to agree on the name Freddie. What exactly is behind it? Who do you think of first?

% Independence

We believe that free space is the oxygen for creativity. That’s why we act and think independently, agilely and may not always deliver what is expected. But always what we think is best for you.
Logo | Freddie. Agency a creative agency based in Frankfurt/M.

Freddies Creative Forces

Our portfolio: from brand and communication strategy through conception and campaign development to the implementation of social media content, film, print or OoH.

Nevertheless, we believe that not everyone can and must be able to do everything. That’s why, depending on the tasks, we team up with the right partners and form a creative force. Our network consists of freelance creatives, film productions, media agencies, photographers or digital agencies, to whom we feel a friendly relationship and whom we consider to be the best.

For our clients this means maximum agility, quality and efficiency. And at the same time constant contact persons.

Freddie’s Drive

We admit that our drive doesn’t sound very profound: we want to have fun. We want everything we do to be easy. We are enthusiastic about our customers, their brands and their products because we do the best job with this energy. We believe that joy grows when you share it. And we want to shape the future in a positive way. Maybe it’s a little more profound than you think, isn’t it?

We want to have fun
and share it with the world.

Freddie’s social projects

Fixed values are the strongest motors. That’s why we stand up for ours and like to promote everything that makes the world a better place. Freddie is the godfather of RefĂşgio Monte Alto, an animal sanctuary in Portugal where a tomcat named after us lives – the cheekiest of all.

If you know of another project that we should support, feel free to write to us.