About us

Silke started advertising in 2001 as a copywriter for Team Tostmann in Frankfurt. This was followed by Klaus E. K√ľster Werbeagentur, Grey Worldwide and Kemper Kommunikation, where she worked for the last 6 years as ECD, Partner and Member of the Management Board.
She is a member of the Grand Jury of the New York Film Festivals 2019 and firmly believes that you have to identify 100% with your clients to deliver the best ideas.
Silke is a convinced vegan and merciless optimist. She loves animals, podcasts and is allergic to Excel sheets.
Dominique is a graduate designer and started his career in 2005 at Scholz&Friends in Berlin. After his next position at TWBA, he moved to Kemper Kommunikation in Frankfurt, where he worked for the last 5 years as CD and unit manager, especially in the field of motor sports.
His work has won numerous prestigious awards, including ADC Germany, the New York Film Festivals and the CLIO Awards.
Dominique is a follower of a healthy pessimism, which leads to the fact that he is always positively surprised. He balances his harmonious family life in the countryside with martial arts that are as realistic as possible.


919 Love

We provide Loves, not just Likes. What this means is shown by our favourite Porsche Motorsport case – a customer we worked for many years before Freddie.
When Porsche announced its return to top motorsport in 2013, we were there from second 1 as a creative team. We documented the development of the racing car 919 Hybrid, accompanied every test, the roll-out, the first race, the first defeat, the first victory, every race around the world and finally the third overall victory in Le Mans, the last race and a farewell tour of the race car.
The result was not only a multi-stage campaign, lots of content, an 80 minutes long documentation and much more. The actual output, however, was the creation of a fan community that was more loyal to the Porsche brand than almost any other. Measured not only in terms of likes, but rather in terms of highly emotional interaction in all media.
And for us: such a trusting and close relationship with our customers that we were immortalized by name as members of the Porsche team on the 919 Hybrid – which, by the way, is exhibited today in the Porsche Museum Stuttgart.

Other customers for whom we worked before the foundation of Freddie. Agency have worked for:

Lifestyle, Design & Fashion
Finanz & Consulting
Pharma & Chemistry